Miami South | 07.25.14 | Hiring Household Help

Now that we've all had the opportunity to dive into JAB's 2014 Household Help Survey results {by the way, you can still catch them HERE!}, the time is right to explore the “how tos” of hiring household help. We turned to Sharon Graff-Radell, owner of TLC For Kids, for valuable insight into the most critical aspects of the process, from recruitment to the maintenance of a mutually respectful relationship with your household helper. Read today's blog article for her tips. Also in today’s edition, we’re sharing with you a very sick little boy's simple birthday wish {his birthday is today!} and details on the local screening of an indie documentary film that examines the environmental phenomenon known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. As you scroll down for the nitty-gritty, don’t forget that your fellow JABBERS are turning to you for advice. Please help them solve their pressing predicaments by replying to their posts.




Overcoming Low Self-Esteem | By Anonymous | REPLY
I'm desperate to help my 10-year-old daughter overcome her low self-esteem. It's breaking my heart watching her. She is bullied a lot and won't stand up for herself. She is a little heavy and tries to workout, but isn't motivated. She is an extremely sensitive girl. If anyone knows of a personal trainer or after-school program that can help with this, please let me know. Thank you.

Are you doing everything you can to make sure your child is riding his or her bike safely this summer? Kohl’s Cares and Miami Children’s Hospital will be hosting a Bike and Helmet Safety event at the Kohl’s Department Store in Kendall. Miami Children’s Hospital’s Trauma Services Team will be fitting children for bike helmets and providing family-friendly entertainment, informational sessions, safety instructions and giveaways while supplies last. Click HERE for more information.*


Breaking the Mold | By Kim Hasselbach | REPLY
We just discovered a water leak from our upstairs bathroom into our downstairs bathroom. It looks like it has been going on for a while, so I suspect there may be some black mold. Can anyone recommend a reliable company that can come out and test the house for black mold?
Kitty Karma | By Margot Bradley | REPLY
Both my sofa and love seat have been destroyed by my feline, so I need to have them professionally cleaned {including odor removal}. I'm looking at Kleen Dry and Coit. Does anyone have experience with these companies or have any other recommendations? Thanks so much!
All Marriages Can’t Be Saved—We Wish They Could
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Tiling Troubles | By Jean Leite | REPLY
I am looking for a certified and insured professional to replace carpets with ceramic tile in two bedrooms, approximately 400 square meters in a downtown Miami condo. Help is needed in the next seven days. If you can recommend someone, please reply!



An Incredible 2014 | By Ashley Cusack 
I normally talk about what listings I have, but rarely mention my sales. This week I wanted to share what we have been doing this year, because it is truly remarkable. I knew it had been busy and that we had sold many homes, but looking at the numbers I realized so far this year we have closed 80% {over $40 million} of what we sold in all of 2013 and have the other 20% in pending sales. It is amazing that I am going to better what was a great 2013! My sales this year represent the strong market, but also lots of hard work and a wonderful client base! If I can help you with any of your real estate needs, please call me at 305.798.8685 or visit my website HERE.*



JABBERS, we came across this heart-wrenching story and knowing that the JAB community can make a positive impact, we’re sharing it with you.


Danny Nickerson is a five-year-old boy from Foxboro, Massachusetts who was diagnosed last October with an inoperable, chemotherapy-resistant brain tumor: Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma {DIPG}. To give you an idea of how aggressive this childhood cancer is, according to the DIPG Registry, less than 10% of children with DIPG live beyond two years from diagnosis. That statistic alone is crushing.


Because of the intensity of the treatment that he is receiving, Danny has stopped attending kindergarten and gets lonely. One thing that perks him up, though, is going to the mailbox and finding letters with his name on it.


Danny turns six years old today, July 25. His one birthday wish is to receive lots of birthday cards with his name on them. JABBERS, it’s not too late! Please take a moment to send this very sick little boy a birthday card and help make his wish come true. All correspondence should be addressed to Danny Nickerson, P.O. Box 212, Foxboro, MA 02035.


If you’d like to follow Danny's story, visit the Danny’s Warriors Facebook page HERE.


As Good As New | By Carolyn Mccarthy | REPLY
Has anyone had excellent results repainting white kitchen cabinets? I'm looking for someone who specializes in high-end work. All the doors need to be removed and sprayed in a paint booth and the interior drawers will need to be refinished. Thanks!
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Urgently Seeking a Rental! | By Lynley Ciorobea 
I am working with some clients who are seeking a rental in the Gables, Grove or South Miami area! Can you help? The perfect property would have a minimum of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a swimming pool and either a two-car garage or a carport. Up to $9,000 per month with a start date mid to end of August. They are open to a single-family home, townhouse or condo and a one- or two-year lease, but ideally two years. Please contact me at 305.968.6505 or email me HERE if you have anything that might be a good fit! The Ashley Cusack Team, EWM Realtors.*



Picking Up a Play Date | By Monica Polk | REPLY
I have twins {boy/girl} entering kindergarten at Somerset Academy Gables and am looking for someone who can pick them up from school. We live about one mile away. I'm also looking to set up a play date with other moms whose children will be starting kindergarten at Somerset in the fall. Please contact me if you're interested.
a friday night movie under the stars | By Team JAB 
It’s no secret that plastic has had a devastating impact on our environment: it’s not biodegradable; when it does breakdown, it ends up as microscopic plastic dust; it’s extraordinarily dangerous to aquatic life; and it somehow ends up everywhere, from sidewalks and playgrounds to rivers and oceans. 
Tonight at 7:30 pm the Tropical Audubon Society is featuring a free screening of “Plastic Paradise–the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” This documentary takes a look at the Midway Atoll, one of the most remote places on earth, which has become ground zero for The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. There will be a live music performance both before and after the film, as well as food and beverage vendors. Arrive early to claim a spot. This event is rain or shine and will move indoors if inclement weather threatens. Visit HERE for more information.


The French Connection | By Caroline Horel | REPLY
I am looking for a female French teacher or student who is a native speaker and can help my daughter learn how to read and write in French. {She already speaks the language fluently.} Someone familiar with the CNED courses is a plus. We live in the Coconut Grove area. Thank you in advance for your recommendations.
Carpool to Carver | By Brooke Lawrence | REPLY
My son is attending G.W. Carver Middle School this year, and we are looking to start or join a carpool. We are located in Pinecrest. If you're interested in carpooling together, please contact me by replying above. Thanks!
Time to Hit the Gym | By Tam Anderson | REPLY
I am looking for recommendations for someone who can pick up my daughter from middle school in the Gables at 4 pm and drive her to her gym in Doral. Ideally, I would need this every weekday except Thursday, but I can be flexible as to the number of days per week.
Move Over | By Veronica Leon | REPLY
I'm in need of some moving boxes. If you have any that are in good condition, I'll gladly pick them up from you. Thank you!
Hiring Household HELP 
Hiring household help, especially if it is to care for a loved one, can be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. If your goal is to find a responsible, reliable, experienced individual who will meet the needs of your family and your household, you should be very methodical in your screening and selection process. You should also be realistic in your expectations and compensation. Lastly, you should execute a clear employment agreement and be mindful of the terms.   


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